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It is never too late, or for that matter too early, to start caring for your bones, after all they provide the framework for your body to move and protect your vital organs. Bone is a living tissue, new bone is made and old bone is lost throughout your life. However, as we age fewer minerals are deposited than are dissolved so bone density starts to decline. Calcium is essential as the mineralising agent for bones (and teeth) and in recent years scientists have discovered that magnesium may be just as important as calcium because it helps regulate the deposition of calcium into the bones instead of into the soft tissues of the body. In addition the Omega 3 fatty acids appear to increase calcium absorption from the gut, in part it is believed, by enhancing the effects of vitamin D and several studies have suggested phytoestrogen-rich foods, such as soya products, are associated with decreased bone mineral loss. The importance of exercise should not be under-estimated as ‘load-bearing’ activities such as walking or playing tennis also contribute to healthy bones as when the bones flex under pressure this encourages the deposition of calcium.
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